What types of web banners are there?

Web banner ads are used to drive traffic to websites or products. There are different types of banner ads, so let's explore them each.

What types of web banners are there?

What are web banners? 

A web banner is a promotional advertisement that is displayed on websites or in search engine results. These banners are usually used for branding purposes and are generally cheaper than other types of online advertising, like pay-per-click ads.

These banners come in three different forms: static, animated, and interactive. They can also be classified into two subcategories: branded banners and non-branded banners.

Branded banners: Static, animated, or interactive web banners that have the brand logo prominently displayed on the banner itself.

Non-branded banners: Static or animated web banners that do not feature any logos on them.

Static web banners 

Static banners are the most common type of web banner. They are generally inexpensive and are used mainly for branding purposes. They usually comprise of a photo, logo or text graphic that is generally static (does not move) and is linked to a website. 

Static web banners are one of the oldest forms of online advertising, with banners first appearing on HotWired in 1994. They’re one of the oldest forms of online advertising, but still effective. Static banner ads, or traditional banner ads, are rectangular images or text-based adverts that display on a web page in a fixed position. They are usually used for simple branding or basic sales messages.

Out of all the advertising methods available, static web banners are the most popular. These banner ads are simple and get the job done. They are also quite effective when used correctly.

Static banners are often overlooked as a means of online advertising, which is odd because they’re so effective. They can be used for everything from promoting a new product or service to communicating upcoming events and special offers. As long as the message on the banner is clear and concise, a static banner can help you achieve your business goals.

Animated web banners 

Animated web banners are banners that use animation to attract a user’s attention. These can be used in a variety of ways, including as a welcome page to greet users, during an event, or for any purpose really. They can be used in place of static banners to make the website more dynamic and engaging. These can also be used in advertising to help draw attention to a product.

Animated web banners vary greatly from one another depending on what they are trying to accomplish. For example, some animated banners might be used as welcome screens to greet users. Others might be used during an event as a way to advertise the event. Still others might be used for branding purposes to help promote a certain image for a company.

Animated web banners are a great way to engage users and help promote different products and services.

Interactive web banners 

Interactive web banners are advertisements that allow users to engage with the brand they represent. These ads can include various types of engagement, such as clickable links, video and audio elements, and more. Interactive ads typically allow brands to collect data about their customers’ behavior and interests. They are often used in conjunction with other types of digital advertising to help brands better understand who their target audience is and what they’re looking for.

Increased engagement is also a major benefit of interactive web banners. Engagement rates vary greatly depending on the type of ad being used and the audience being targeted, but interactive ads tend to be higher on average than static ads. This is because interactive ads are more engaging than static ads and tend to encourage more interaction from users, which translates into greater engagement rates.

A successful interactive web banner campaign requires thorough planning and careful implementation. By creating a strong, clear message that speaks to the target audience and is backed up by appropriate data, brands can create effective interactive web banners that drive meaningful engagement.

While interactive web banners are often used as a standalone product, they can also be incorporated into a wider online advertising campaign. This can help businesses to drive more traffic to their website and improve ROI.

When used correctly, interactive web banners are a great way for brands to engage and interact with their target audience. However, it’s important to remember that this type of ad is only effective if it offers value to users in some way. A poorly designed banner that doesn’t offer any value is unlikely to be successful.

Facebook banners 

Facebook banners are a simple way to reach a large audience. They're inexpensive and easy to create. Facebook banners can include text, images, logos, and links. They can be used to promote a sale or new product or to promote an event. They can be displayed on the home page of a Facebook business page or in the news feed of Facebook users who have liked a business page.

There are several different types of Facebook banners available:

  • Static banner
  • Slideshow banner
  • Carousel banner

Static banners are great for simple promotions. The banner image is simple and straightforward, with few bells and whistles.

Slideshow banners are a little more complex, but they show more information and give people the chance to scroll through different images.

Carousel banners are similar to slideshow banners, but they have a scrolling feature that allows people to move between different images as they slide down the screen.

Before you create your Facebook banner, it's important to consider your audience and what they want to see. Are they looking for information? Or do they just want to see pictures? Do they want quick promotions or long-form content?

Once you know what your audience wants, it's easier to create a banner that will resonate with them.

Instagram banners

Using Facebook ads manager, you have the ability to create a variety of advertisements and promotional posts to promote a business, product, or event on Instagram. These can include simple text-based posts, as well as more complex photo-based posts with additional graphics and logos.

If an Instagram user is scrolling through their feed and comes across a photo that they like, they can tap on the photo to be taken to the advertiser’s profile page. From there, they can choose to follow the business or product by tapping on the "follow button. This will bring them to the business’s Instagram profile page, where they can view all of the photos uploaded by the business along with photos that other users have tagged with the business’s name.

This gives businesses the opportunity to market their products and services to a larger audience while also building their follower base.

Pinterest banners

Banners are a great way to connect with potential customers and drive traffic to your site. They’re also an effective tool for increasing visibility on Pinterest. They can appear anywhere on the site: next to your profile, at the top of your feed, or even in recommendations or search results. Banners come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some have text, while others are purely image-based. They can include calls-to-action (CTAs) that prompt users to take certain actions, like subscribing to your email list or visiting your site.

There are two types of Pinterest banners: Promoted Pins and Promoted Boards.

A Promoted Pin is a Pin that has been paid for by a business. The business pays Pinterest when someone clicks on the Pin, follows the business, or repins the Pin. When someone likes the Promoted Pin, it is likely that they will see more content from that business which could result in a purchase.

Promoted Boards are similar to Promoted Pins in that a business pays for them. The difference is that a Promoted Board displays content from the business and also from other businesses who are also paying to promote their content on this board. For businesses and marketers, this type of board can be a good way to curate new product ideas, inspire new designs, or gain inspiration from other businesses who are similar.

Twitter banners

Twitter banners are a great way to promote a product or service on Twitter. Customized Twitter banners can be used in a variety of ways. For example, they can be used as a profile picture, header image, or cover photo. They can also be added to advertisements on social media. When used correctly, Twitter banners can help businesses stand out from their competitors and get more engagement from their followers.

In order to create a custom Twitter banner, you will need to find an ad builder, that supports Twitter dimensions, like BannerBoo.com. You can use this program to create your Twitter banner. You may also have to purchase additional editing tools if you would like to make more advanced edits. Once you have finished editing your banner, you will need to save it as a .png file and upload it to Twitter.

There are several things to keep in mind when creating Twitter banners. First, make sure the image is big enough to be legible. Make sure it fits in with the rest of your social media accounts so it blends in seamlessly. And of course, make sure it’s visually appealing and reflects your brand well.

When creating Twitter banners, keep these things in mind and you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful banner!

Discord banners

A Discord banner is a banner that’s designed for a specific Discord server. These banners are generally designed to catch the attention of potential new members and encourage them to join. They can also serve as an incentive for current members to continue participating in the server.

For example, if you’re running a server for a software development community, you might want to create a banner that features your company’s logo and website URL. This way, when new users visit your server, they’ll be able to learn more about your organization right away.

Banners can also be used to promote events and activities within the server. For example, if you’re hosting an online tournament for players from your community, you could create a banner that links to the registration page for the event.

Discord banners are an excellent way to grow your community and can be used in a variety of ways.


Banners are not just for businesses anymore. People are now using banners to promote their individual brands as well. From time to time, you may see someone post a picture of their new face mask or nail polish collection on Facebook or Instagram. 

That’s not just a picture of your face or a product you’re selling. That’s an advertisement! Banners are a great new way to grab attention and reach new fans, while also promoting your business.

Banners are another relatively inexpensive way to spread the word about your brand. They're easy to create, simple to use, and can get more people interested in your business than any Facebook ad ever could.

However, it can be difficult for businesses to create compelling, engaging, and effective Facebook ads when their only tool is a static image and text. While static banners can be effective, interactive web banners may be a better option for businesses that want to work with Facebook.

Helpful info:

Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media platforms are incredibly popular. But they can also be quite crowded. That’s why it’s important to understand how to make an impact there.

If you’re looking to reach a small niche audience and make a big splash, then you should use Facebook’s advertising platform. The company offers a variety of ad types and can customize each of them to fit your business. Facebook ads are super effective for social media marketing. They can be used to drive traffic to a website and boost conversions. By creating a strong, concise message backed by data, brands can create effective social media ads that help them to drive meaningful engagement.

Facebook ads are great for small businesses with a limited budgets who only want to reach a small audience. And for those businesses with limited marketing budgets, Facebook is a great tool for maximizing exposure and bringing in new customers.

Other social media platforms do have their advantages when it comes to advertising. For example, Instagram offers you the opportunity to make a brand-new kind of ad that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. While it's true that Facebook is the biggest social network, Instagram might be able to make the jump to the top of the popularity charts.

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